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The Future Is Bright

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The Future Is Bright
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It’s time to say goodbye to old kitchen trends, and welcome emerging and innovative products in 2017! Bojana Lazarevska speaks with Pete Thorley, director of CustomStyle Kitchens, about new kitchen and bathroom trends to vamp up your space.

While many worry about following design trends as they have the potential to look dated in the future, it is possible to create a modern kitchen with a style that will stand the test of time. The first step is to follow trends that you love not only because they’re in fashion, but also because they reflect your tastes and suit your décor.

Western Australia Kitchen + Bathroom Design recently quizzed Thorley about the modern advances he predicts will dominate the new year.


Although marble reigned supreme in 2016, Thorley predicts natural materials will take over kitchen benchtops in 2017. The more we move toward a future dominated by technology, the more homeowners want to keep their homes connected to nature.

Timber can be worked into your kitchen in a number of ways, from benchtops and doors to timber ornaments and shelving. Timber will help incorporate some warmth in your kitchen, which is especially handy if your palette is predominantly monochromatic.

Thorley’s pick of natural materials, however, is bamboo. Bamboo benchtops serve a dual purpose in your kitchen, as they’re both beautiful and functional. This material is durable, stable, easy to clean and, most importantly, looks incredibly unique in any setting.

Bamboo is also moisture- and heat-resistant, which means you’ll never have to worry about it warping in wet areas or about scorching your bench. Furthermore, bamboo is a more environmentally-friendly option than other natural materials, as it’s a renewable resource – so not only will your kitchen look fantastic, but your conscience will thank you for it too!


Thorley predicts that block-like benchtops will become a thing of the past, as 2017 makes way for curved edges and smooth lines. By embracing the curved trend, homeowners are incorporating a soft yet bold design statement into their homes.

The bench is often the main feature of your kitchen, so it’s best to give its design some extra thought. Most benchtop materials can be designed or cut and moulded into interesting shapes, rather than just being rectangular.

L-shaped or curved benchtops are often able to utilise space better, benefitting you in the long-run, especially if you’re a fan of entertaining.


Splashbacks in soft pastels and striking colours will remain in trend for 2017, advises Thorley. Glass splashbacks, like this one by WA Glasskote in the “Classic Volcano” shade, are here to stay.

Homeowners predominantly like the aesthetic appeal of glass splashbacks, and its clean and contemporary appearance. Incorporating a bold colour will make your kitchen stand out, whereas pastel colours, such as a refreshing mint shade, will liven up a minimalistic design.

Metallics have made an impression in 2016 and it looks like our obsession with chic finishes and hues will continue well into the future. Warmer metallic colours, such as copper, brass and gold, are increasingly chosen over cooler shades as they add warmth and sophistication.

To work some shine into your kitchen area, hang feature metallic lights above your benchtop, introduce a metallic-finish glass splashback, or incorporate a metallic rangehood and tapware.

Atlas’ grout glitter, which is available in ten colours, is a new product exciting designers around the world. Medium to small patterned tiles – especially when laid out in a geometric pattern – will remain in style, and grout glitter allows you to add another dimension of colour and texture to your splashback. Glitter grout also looks fantastic in the bathroom, helping to lend a magical touch to any tile.


Leading the way in innovative cabinetry products, according to Thorley, is Duropal’s “Shetland Oak” timber-look laminate board. This durable product is perfect for use on surfaces that are often exposed to liquid, which is why it makes such a great addition to your kitchen and bathroom.

Laminate is an extremely versatile product that comes in a wide range of textures, colours and wood grains, and is often a more budget-friendly alternative to real timber. Laminate boards will only continue to improve and result in sleek, contemporary and efficient kitchen designs.

Thorley also suggests adding contrast to your kitchen with dual-tone cabinetry. The two-tone effect includes one colour or material for the upper cabinets, and another colour or material for the lower ones.

Consider pairing white with wood for a modern appeal with a sense of warmth. A touch of wood on the bottom cabinets can keep a predominantly white kitchen from feeling too minimalist. Likewise, a combination of two neutral colours – such as beige and brown – will be very modern in the upcoming years.


When it comes to modern designs, the less-is-more approach will work in your favour. To help keep your kitchen as streamlined and clutter-free as possible, Thorley suggests a pull-out corner unit, such as the Classic style from Le Mans. Corner drawers let you utilise every inch of available kitchen space, while storing pots and pans within easy reach.

And finally, an innovative product that Thorley is really excited about is pop-up power points. These power points are ideal for safety, and help keep your kitchen and bathroom looking sleek. Practical and neat, they can be hidden when not in use and the compact design tucks away messy cords, so it’s safe for use around a growing family.

Regardless of your needs, 2017 will be an exciting year for innovative kitchen and bathroom products, with a focus on minimalism, safety, natural materials and colourful spaces.

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