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What's Trending
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Leading bathroom accessory stockist Paco Jaanson is excited about the emerging new trends it is seeing for bathrooms in 2017.

The current trends include wall-hung basins, which create the illusion that they are floating in mid-air, and give a spacious and dramatic look to any bathroom. The Bocchi range of wall-hung Venice basins showcases clean lines and geometry, and is available in 16 colours, including matte white and a striking orange gloss. Also, the CUBE basin by iStone range has a minimalist style and is a little magical in its functionality – when water begins to run, it disappears into what appears to be thin air, complementing and highlighting the sleek stone surface.

Colourful countertop basins are also on the rise, with the new iStone Colour Design line presenting a popular alternative to traditional ceramic basins. Completely transparent, these basins pop in the bathroom and are breathtaking when in use.

Paco Jaanson has also seen a spike in popularity of pedestal basins. Now available in the form of freestanding sculptural designs that create impact, pedestal basins have come a long way. The iStone Colour Design pedestal basin will inject a ‘wow’ factor into any bathroom.

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