Dianella Polishing

Dianella Polishing
  • Address: 6/86 Inspiration Drive, Wangara
  • Phone: (08) 9303 2176
  • Fax: (08) 9303 4091




Dianella Polishing is recognised across Western Australia for providing expert two-pack paint finishes and polishing for kitchens, offices and shop fit-outs. The company’s experienced team sets high standards for every project it undertakes.

The featured kitchen is a perfect example of the work Dianella Polishing completes. The high-shine and seamless finish on the cabinetry ensures the overall appearance of the kitchen is impeccable.

Dianella Polishing’s service is ideal for homeowners wishing to achieve an attractive finish for their cabinetry. The company is experienced in applying two-pack polyurethane and automotive paint, which offer a high-gloss, metallic or pearl finish while also promising to maintain lustre. Additionally, the team uniquely colour-codes their paints as you would with cars so that you can colour match in the future, and also specialises in painting glass for splashbacks and cabinetry doors.

If you have kitchen design plans, but wish to still achieve Dianella Polishing’s trademark gloss finish, the company will work with your cabinetmaker to ensure you get the best results possible from your project.

Dianella Polishing has been a trusted resource for homeowners and cabinetmakers since 1982, and has been led by current owner Trevor Skeels for the past 12 years. The company’s paint finish has long been the benchmark for the trade.

The company can undertake new paintwork projects or resurfacing for renovations and completes about 400 kitchens a year. In addition to residential works, the team has worked on shop cabinetry for businesses such as Hippo Creek, JB Hi-Fi and dusk, proving Dianella Polishing is the place to go for superior finishes. The Dianella Polishing Showroom is open Monday to Friday with colour samples and various types of finishes for your selection.