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Blum believes that a new kitchen should do one thing above all else: provide many years of enjoyment and satisfaction. While everyone wants a kitchen that looks good, functionality is just as important to ensure it meets this need.

Blum’s experience in the industry has shown that most people keep a kitchen for about 20 years, that’s why it pays to carefully consider your needs and wants. After all, the kitchen is also the most-used room in the home and it should be looked upon as a fun place, where you and your family want to be. This is exactly what Blum’s DYNAMIC SPACE sets out to achieve.

DYNAMIC SPACE is an initiative that has been developed by Blum based on the insight obtained through many years of kitchen observation around the world. This research has identified three essential features of a practical kitchen: a good workflow, enough storage space, and top-quality motion. This will ensure everything is stored where you will use it, maximising every inch of space with pull-outs instead of shelves and fittings that function perfectly for quality of motion.

As well as adhering to these principles, Blum products can be customised to suit individual needs and lifestyles. It’s too late to change a kitchen once it has been installed. Blum wants to ensure functionality is addressed during the planning process, not after.

The Kitchen-Test-Drive offers the opportunity for kitchen buyers to experience their potential kitchen, and assess its functionality during the design process. Cabinets come in various widths and types, including the Sink Drawer, SPACE CORNER and SPACE TOWER (pantry).

Clients can bring their plans to the showroom and set up their kitchen in the Kitchen-Test-Drive. The cabinets are on castors so it is easy to try out a few layouts. This free service ensures functionality is addressed in the planning stages and therefore all of a kitchen buyer’s needs are met. Visit the Blum showroom or to start planning your functional kitchen.