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Combining function and form, the pictured QSTONE® engineered surface is perfect for a range of kitchen and bathroom applications. QSTONE is composed of approximately 94 per cent natural quartz and six per cent advanced resin to deliver an extremely durable, hardwearing stone surface, resistant to scratches, impact, cracking and corrosive materials.

Highly resistant from most household products including fruit juice, coffee, tea and wine, QSTONE is a hygienic surface suitable for food preparation areas. It is also waterproof and frost resistant.

Easy to clean with warm water with a mild detergent, QSTONE provides a beautiful, elegant surface to your kitchen or bathroom, which will last for many years.

As well as being durable and low-maintenance, QSTONE® also has high aesthetic appeal. The collection offers 27 colours in modern shades and designs to complement many different décor styles.

QSTONE has a wide range of applications, even extending beyond the kitchen, such as furniture, splashbacks, wall cladding or any other vertical application.

QSTONE engineered stone will retain its integrity and is guaranteed to remain free from manufacturing defects for a period of ten years, commencing from the date of installation. QSTONE products are easily maintained by using specially formulated stone cleaners, which are designed to protect and maintain the product’s appearance.

JH Wilberforce is a long-established and locally-owned distributor of quality building products in the Western Australian market.

For more than 70 years JH Wilberforce has been servicing the cabinetmaking and furniture industries in Western Australia with quality decorative products. This tradition continues today as JH Wilberforce markets and distributes brands such as the pictured QSTONE® range, the Polyrey range of decorative laminates and melamine surfaces, CLEAF, LUMINUS™, Avonite, Mirotone and other products essential to the kitchen, bathroom and commercial furniture industries.

JH Wilberforce invites you to visit the showroom to see the extensive range, including QSTONE exhibited in large colour samples, and to receive the helpful assistance from the company’s interior decorators.