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Victoria + Albert Baths

The Bigger, The Better

Jun 18, 2019 | Industry News From Issue 14, Kitchen and Bathroom News

Luxury British bath brand Victoria + Albert Baths has launched a range of new size options for its popular Barcelona and Mozzano bath collections. The innovative range gives Australians a greater choice in bathroom style and design, and offers more sizes to gratify individual bathing preferences and needs.

With a modular design to suit a variety of spaces, the three models allow homeowners and interior designers the chance to add a touch of modern luxury to their bathroom design. However, the company’s communications manager Emma Joyce says the new collection brings more than just modularity. “The bathtubs allow for a deep comfortable soak, while the lower internal dimensions provide easier access for parents helping kids to bathe,” she says.

Following the beautifully crafted detail of the original Mozzano bath, the Mozzano 2 measures 1685mm, and will add grand architectural presence to your bathroom, while the reclining angle makes for a comfortable soak. At 1698mm long, the Barcelona 2 is the most compact tub in the collection, perfect for smaller bathrooms where space is at a premium, while its sister tub the Barcelona 3 is slightly larger at 1792mm. Each model offers additional practical features, while maintaining the aesthetics of the original bathtub design.