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It’s been more than a decade and a half since WA Glasskote first introduced splashbacks to Western Australia. In that time, the company has grown to become Perth’s largest coloured-glass specialist. WA Glasskote has installed more than 60,000 splashbacks into an array of building developments, ranging from single dwellings and apartment blocks, to exterior claddings on high rises.

The company has recently added groutless tiles to its repertoire. Perfect for kitchen splashbacks, groutless tiles have revolutionary physical and mechanical properties that make them flatter and easier to handle than their traditional counterparts. These advantageous qualities afford groutless tiles a number of unique and creative architectural capabilities. WA Glasskote’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility now processes 3000mm x 1000mm groutless tiles, and offers a quick and efficient installation timeframe.

Glass is a historically popular tile-replacement material, primarily due to the fact that it doesn’t require grout. However, tiles are still the most commonly used substrate in the kitchen, as their classic texture and timeless appearance never go out of style. Groutless tiles are large in size and made from porcelain tiles. They deliver exceptional performance in a range of solid applications.

The advent of new technologies means that pressed-porcelain tiles are also becoming an increasingly popular and stylish choice for kitchens. Pressed-porcelain tiles pair the groutless aspect of glass with the texture and appearance of tiles. T his makes them the ideal choice for your kitchen splashback. Additionally, pressed porcelain tiles come in a 12mm style, which can be an incredible substrate for benchtops.

WA Glasskote offers a handpicked selection of modern colours and textures for its groutless tiles, including marble, oxide and stone. For more information on its groutless and pressed-porcelain tiles, as well as video demonstrations, visit the company website.


WA Glasskote

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