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North Coast Design Project 1

This kitchen and bathroom by Francis Robinson of North Coast Design are so generous you would never know that limited lot space was an issue. The huge, G-shaped arrangement provides ease of movement between all the utilities, but keeps them separate so that many people can work and relax in the space without interruption. The need for overhead cabinetry in the main kitchen area is eliminated by the inclusion of 60 cupboards and drawers across the whole design. The sheer number of storage opportunities fulfilled the owner’s request that there be ample place for everything to be kept neat and tidy, since the kitchen is often filled to the brim with children, grandchildren and all the inevitable mess that extended-family life entails. Having a semi-enclosed terrace nearby meant that one end of the kitchen was completely operable via bi-folding windows and a servery was created.

A walk-in pantry continues the theme of storage reigning supreme, and features a semi-opaque window to one end that allows light in and reduces the need for the use of overhead lighting. This interesting inclusion is featured on a wall of cabinetry abutting the kitchen, along with integrated wine storage and contrasting door and drawer profiles.

The ensuite exudes the same sense of space and luxury as the rest of the home. Sitting below plantation shutters is a freestanding bathtub, lit from above by fairy lights in the ceiling. The shower recess is supplied by three shower heads – his-and-hers rain showers with a detachable handheld shower head in-between. In a room made for two, a double vanity provides each person with more than enough storage and grooming space to make morning rituals a breeze. Also, in a truly practical move by North Coast Design, the toilet is separate and hidden.

The bathroom is fashionable yet functional, with high-end finishes that are all practical. The colour palette of both the kitchen and bathroom exudes a distinct seaside influence, bringing together white and pale wood-grain veneer cabinetry with sand-coloured flooring and ocean-blue accents.


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